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shows us the drama that just keeps unfolding. >> reporter: gloria allred is the attorney for that housekeeper. she says that she has evidence that meg whitman knew her housekeeper was working here in the u.s. illegally. but if that is evidence what we think it could be, whitman has preemptively refuted it. here's a live picture. news conference in los angeles. they are setting up. attorney gloria allred and nicky diaz santillan are expected to reveal a document that they say proves whitman knew she was here illegally. the speculation is it is a letter sent by the federal government to whitman in 2000 that diaz's social security number didn't match up. whitman spoke out out out earlier and didn't see the letter as the housekeeper got the mail. >> the nicky that i knew was not the nicky that i saw at that press conference yesterday. reading from that prepared statement, those weren't nicky's words. and that wasn't the nicky i knew. so gosh, it would main me to believe that that's what she had done -- it would pain me to believe that that's what she had done but i have no ot
amximas estaran casi en 70°, que tal gloria? >> buenos dias celina, fijate que comenzamos el dia con 45° y mas adelante tendremos el informe de las temperaturas para hoy y el pronóstico para la semana. >> alla en las vegas continua investigandose el accidente de3 una avioneta que se estrello el lunes en las calles de la ciudad dejando tres heridos. >> mientras tanto aqui, en la bahia el gobernador se prepara para viajar a asia para tratar que silicon valley sea la sede de un evento tecnologico en el 2020 y para lo que se requiere estructura, lo interesante es que ese evento duraria meses y se dice que atra millones de visitantes y de divisas, le estaremos informando si es aprobado silicon valley para este evento >> en mñxico, hermaine mantiene en alerta de huracan a la frontera de mñxico con texas, se expendio la alerta desde el rio san fernando, los vientos de hermaine llegan a las 50 millas por hora y se espera que se fortalezca mas. >> en los titulares de hoy se habla de serios retos de mñxico en su bicentenario, esto no solo por las bandas de narcos, sino que si no recuerda fue
. >>> gloria brown came to work here and today is her last day. >> you may not know her face or name but gloria brown is a wgn legend. when you meet her, you will never forget her. >> the beatles. >> 1964, the beatles arrived in the us the war is raging. >> gloria brown is hired at wgn. >> i thought what a strange place this is. >> she had degrees in music and business. yet she was hired on fate. >> he looked at my application and said you are baptist, we need another one. >> he did not realize he hired the first black professional employee but others did. >> i don't think they had seen plaque people up close and people were come and stand and look into the window. >> i said could you come in, we don't bite. , she was born in mississippi and moved here in the 1950s. she lost her father a week after graduating high school. she married joe brown had a daughter is now a grandmother. >> hello. >> see that smile, it is her secret weapon. >> that's how she disarms people by charm. >> no one does it better than flor ya brown. >> i'm not afraid, she is an equal opportunity butt kicker. >> and the chie
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día para enviar dinero a méxic porque se cotiza a 12 pesos 45 centavos, gloria así fue como se cotizó el dólar. >>> yo tambié te pongo nervioso verdad >>> me haces sudar. >>> despuéñ del tipo de cambio nos vamos con samuel gómez reportero de oaxaca está en el lugar de los hechos reportando des aquí donde ayer saben de esta tragedia donde nos informaban que no se habían encontrado personas muertas pero vamos a ver qu nos dice samuel gómez qué tal samuel bienveni bienvenido. >>> gracias, buenos días al auditorio, mira, en estos momento sobre todo ya se está reanudando los trabajos de rescate en cuanto a esta comunidad santa maría de tla will total te peco ya re iniciaron los trabajos, miembros del ejrcito, la policía, cuerpo de bomberos sobre todo hay al menos mil personas que son re ubicadas con el propósito de evitar nuevos deslaves sobre todo porque está muy blanda la tierra aquí, al norte de la ciudad capital donde las lluvias han causado severos daño no sólo en la sierra norte donde tambié hablamos de 30 pueblos esto como consecuencia de des gaj ment de cerros.
aquí anillo local el clima no nos preocupa en lluvias pero sí bastante al calor. vamos con gloria que nos tiene los detalles y nos pone a usar el ay re. >>> hoy temperaturas más elevadas que ayer regreso contigo selena. >>> van a estar calidads pero espere el reporte de gloria no se retire, volvemos jrgs >>> 7: 12 vamos con samuel para que nos diga cuanto se cotiza el dólar para usted que cuenta sus dólares antes de enviar a casa. >>> bu en su días a todos, así es, espero que tengan lápiz y papel porque aquí les traigo el tipo de cambio en latino amñrica. >>> sur améric en argentina, dólar se cotiza a 3 pesos con 96 centavos. colombia, 1804 pesos y en chile, el dólar bajó 11 centavos. en venezuela está a 4 bolivívar con 4 centavos. costa rica, el dólar 505 colones con 50 centavos. si usted va a mandar dinero a honhonduras dólar 18 lempiras c 50 centavos. nicaragua 21 coro córdobas. y no hay que olvidar de mi gente de república dominicana porque ahora a petición de mi amigo fernando el dólar se cotiza a 36 pechos con 65 centavos. son las 7 y es para- la mañana. . >
of a loaf of read. tell you exactly what this is, next, on the "late edition". >> singer gloria he is steffan >> singer gloria he is steffan kick i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us. ttday. sophomore at the university of texas austin, opened fire in the library and shot himself. no one else was shot. nor hurt. but police are trying to piece toggther hat happened. the school immediately locked down. >> i just got texx from my friends and everybody is waaning everybody in case you don't get the ut texts. %-alone, but working on figuring out what triggered the attack in the first place. >> former president jimmy carter b
of the political smear engineered by jerry brown and attorney gloria allred. >> this is a political smear on me, on my family and based on lies and designed to divert attention to the issues that really matter to california voters. >> attorney allred who represents the house speaker is set to speak about the allegations, if she begins speaking to the newscast. diaz worked for whitman for nine years. whitman claims whitman fired here, to pleas to getting help for getting a green card and before she started her run for governor. we post excerpts from diaz and whitman. you'll find those on the political news on election 2010 tab. >>> narcotics investigators are at the scene of a huge marijuana bust right now in brentwood in east contra costa county. this is footage from news chopper 2, taken 20 minutes ago. we're told investigators discovered thousands of pot plants on orwood road near bixba road between contra costa narcotics and the alameda sheriff's department. there's no word on any arrests. we'll have an update at 5:00. >>> san jose police hoping sur developing lance pictures will find a susp
gloria allred. whitman is still holding her news conference. >> the conference is going on and attorney gloria allred has a news conference coming up soon. that's talking about a social security letter sent to whitman proving the gubernatorial candidate knew she had hired an immigrant. she will show it to everyone. >> our evidence will show she is lying. >> high profile attorney gloria allred says at noon she will show this evidence, a social security letter from 2003 stating there were discrepancies with the paperwork provided by meg whitman's former housekeeper nikki dion. it's unlikely it sent a warning letter like that unless an employer had hired ten people with mismatched social security numbers. the whitman believes allred is in cahoots with jerry brown. >> no one from jerry brown's campaign have contacted me. i haven't contacted them. as far as my client goes, nikki doesn't know anybody in politics. >> whitman has already provided proof. when she hired her through an employment agency the housekeeper supplied a social security card and a driver's license. >> we told the employme
pedro mellado, periodista de mucho prestigio desde la ciudad de guadalajara. vamos a ver a gloria orellana. >>> gracias. buenos días, y hoy es martes, y de regreso al trabajo no les tengo buenas noticias, el tráfico lento desde el laberinto mc arthur. y vamos a ver la 80, esto es antes de llegar al laberinto mc arthur. el clima lo traigo en minutos. >>> gracias. 7:09 minutos. y atrapan al coyote de la masacre de inmigrantes y además el tipo de cambio. el glaucoma es la causa principal de ceguera permanente entre los hispanos en los estados unidos. y mis hijos, ¿lo podrán heredar? digamos, mi factor del riesgo. estoy muy preocupada y necesito respuestas. llame al 1-800-437-2423 o visite, para un folleto gratuito con respuestas sobre glaucoma. ♪ >>> 7:12. y vamos a ver a cuánto se cotizan las monedas en latinoamñrica. y para usted que cuenta con eso dinero que con tanto trabajo lo reúne. sammy, te escuchamos. >>> buenos días, y aquí me da mucho gusto brindarles esta información del tipo de cambio. el dólar se cotizó a 3.94. en colombia se cotizó a 1810
ramos, y más periodisvamo calidad hoy no es así gloria. >>> sí, las temperaturas para hoy día con bastante calor, el día más cálido de la semana y ahí lo ve en pantalla, hasta 99° las temperaturas hoy en napa, 84 en san francisco más adelante el re por ted otra reporte de tráfico, vamos a una pausa y no se retire tenemos más para usted una pausa y no se retire tenemos más para usted eporte de tráfic pausa y no se retire tenemos más para usted . >>> 7: 12 minutos gracias por continuar en noticias y más esta situación que viven los hermanos en veracruz obviamente que hace aquí al norte del río bravo es el consulado de méxic en san josñ, el cónsul carlos féli corona estará con nosotros para a decirnos como ayudar tanta familia que lo ha perdido todo vamos antes a ver cómo está el tipo de cambio, cuanto se cotizan las principales moneda de améric latina frente aldo lugar estadounidense. sami buenas días. >>> aquí en noticias y más el tipo de cambio como de costumbre, en sudaméric en argentina, el dólar 3 pesos con 96 centavos colombia, 1809 y en chile 483 p
gloria tambié a estas horas de la maana, bueno es todo una emergencia el tránsito hay que saber de alternativas. >> así es. y fíjate que esta mañan amo negocio imos problemas en carreteras en el entran porte público que está con 20 minutos de demora en trennes que que están saliendo de la ciudad. y hacia tras ciudades, y en suazo lito un accidente sobre la carretera 101 dirección sur llego aando al túnel dos carril están bloqueado por la investigación. y en san jose hay otro accidente esto sobre el norte 8 carros chocadoses y tres días bastante soleados con máximas de 80 grados, regreso contigo. >> gracias gloria y 7:00 a.m. bien 19 minutos y está en noticias y más, noticias a travéñ de telefutura y radio informativa no le copregresamosn mejor e mejor eje ramos la voy lejo que si ve en la república mexicana. regresamos con más y mucho más gran tes y mucho más. >> . >> que vación del medio ambiente son unos planes que está apoyando el gobierno del presidente barack obama y ahora presentamos a usted a claudia de la fuente y es representante de tierra que se une
'll talk about it. >>> we're down the list in many, many ways. >> women's right activist gloria steinm is in town. she's weighing in on everything. >>> well, another one-day heat wave and another round of storms potentially is in the forecast. i'll have details and all of the forecasts of the coming week ahead. are you suffering from frequent heartburn? try new zegerid otc. it's the first 24-hour treatment with two active ingredients: prescription-strength medicine plus a protective ingredient so it's effectively absorbed. for 24-hour relief, try dual-ingredient zegerid otc. go-gurt is specially made to freeze and thaw by lunch time? so kids can have their favorite yogurt in their lunch box go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up. ¿qué si usamos tacos más grandes? [ male announcer ] old el paso super stuffers. 33% larger shells. feed your fiesta. dr. scholl's back pain relief orthotics with shockguard technology give you immediate relief that lasts all day long. dr. scholl's. visit our facebook page to save $3. >>> congress unable to crack eight executives today testifying about the
y periodista de guadalajara, jalisco, colaborador de noticias y más, 7 con 8, vamos con gloria orella orellana vamos a ver aquí a nivel local cómo estará el clima y la carretera adelante. >>> qué tal mreensd lo que decía del accidente fatal de san jos, ambas dirección de esta calle están cerrada ya que se lleva acabo la investigación, se recomienda a conductores que tomen como ruta alterna en este tramo... para llegar a la caseta de pago de peaje de bay bridge más adelante imágenes de algunas que carreteras de la bahía. >>> temperaturas en pantalla, 70 en redwood city, 69 en auckland. regreso contigo. >>> 7: 9 qué sus niños llev algo ligero a la escuela, vamos a regresar con ustedes hablamos de la vida luego de la banca rota vuelvo enseguida jrngs a/ and... mom: son, college is much more important. son: no. mom: yes. son: no, mom. mom: yes. son: anyway, it's my decision. mom: ok, well, then, decide what degree you are going to get, because you will go to college. announcer: their tomorrow depends on your words today. the hispanic scholarship fund has the informatio
political analyst gloria borger who knows so much about this debate and ed henry who knows that while this is a touchstone, ed, of the president's entire election, there are reasons why democrats want to stay away from it. before that, ed, i want you to give me 30 seconds on news we're getting about rahm emanuel, the white house chief of staff maybe leaving even sooner than expected. >> reporter: that's right. big news, ali. two sources close to rahm emanuel now telling cnn that there's a good chance he's going to leave, step down as early as october. to focus full-time to focus on running for mayor. the bottom line, he's all but in. he's got deadlines coming up to get some signatures and get on the ballot by the end of november. we're expecting he's going to move full-time that pretty soon. he's working on a lot of senate business for the president. once they leave the door before the election, he's likely to go. the other piece of information, we should point out "time" magazine reported this story and we're confirming and adding a layer of detail that i'm hearing a white house depu
's gloria borger, nbc's kelly o'donnell and the "chicago tribune's" clarence page. any establishment power this year is a force to behold and republicans who want to beat barack obama next time are studying up. anyone who wants the g.o.p. nomination has to get the tea party force without being a crackpot himself or herself. when richard nixon brought in the goldwater party, it was different. most disappointed right-wingers had lost in 1964. same thing when jimmy carter brought in the mcgovern crowd in 1976. they were in no position to put up a fight. not so the tea party. they'll be coming off a big win and on a roll. listen to minnesota governor tim plenty, not a tea party guy, trying to signed one. >> the federal government is a drug dealer trying to give out free samples, give people a free taste, get them addicted. and get your own house in order, by the way. chris: they're all trying to act the part, trying to be tea party types. will this work, the establishment-types echoing like tea party people? >> i think it's going to be very, very hard for these guys, particularly a tim polenty
condiciones de las carreteras, adelante gloria. >> y como te fue. >> muy bien, gracias a este traje típico que me trajiste de guerrero. vamos a la situacion 101 direccion norte, trafico lento, si piensa cruzar el puente para llegar a san francisco el trafico a vuelta de rueda >> hoy estamos celebrando 16 de septiembre tendremos temperaturas mucho más agradables que ayer, 70 grados se registrará hoy en san francisco, cinco grados más que ayer. >> gracias gloria, no se retire, estamos celebrando, continúan las celebraciones. y regresamos con gaby sepulveda una niña que canta música mexicana, regresamos en breve. 7:12 hrs. aquí continuamos con las celebraciones de bicentenario. >> la prensa está mostrando sobre un atentado en cancun que pretendían opacar las celebraciones. >> mñxico celebra el bicentenario entre fuertes medidas de seguridad. >> se detienen a cinco zetas que quería empañar las celebraciones de bicentenario. >> el tiempo en colombia un mexico agobiado por la violencia. >> la nación en costarrica, menciona la violencia en mñxico entre su celebracion >> y nosotros quñ
nublado >> gracias gloria se siente al entrar aquí a san francisco esa bruma y tenemos analisis de la ley sb 1070 y más ya regresamos a la información >> antes de esto, que diferencia del día de ayer al día de hoy he recibido mensajes por facebook de lo bonita que se veía usted ayer >> muy guapa sus ojos se veian más bonitos >> y quiero agradecer por el traje hermosos, muchas gracias por el traje que me patrocino ese traje y tambiñn el sombrero de charro, hermosos >> crees que me pueda ver como alejandro fernandez >> hasta me dijeron que te llevaba >> 28 de contura la próxima vez me llevas >> ahí tienen artículos mexicanos muchas gracias adela rosas >> y como esta el tipi de cambio >> me da gusto darles el tipo de cambio, aquí samuel es trae el cambio argentina; 3 pesos en pantalla >> venezuela; dólar 4 con 30 centavos costa rica; 500 con 66 centsvos honduras; 18 con 92 centavos guatemala; 8 con 6 centavos mñxico; dólar a 12 pesos con 80 centavos son las 7 y 14 de la mañana y que tengan buen fin de semana >> y mucho se habla de laleysb que ha creado ambiente inseguro allá
gloria allred. whitman is still holding her news conferee. >> the conference is going on and attorney glia allred has a news conference coming up soon. that's talking aut a social securit letter sent to whitman proving the gubernatorial candidate knew she had hired an immigrant. she will show it to everyone. >> our evidence will show she is lying. >> high profile attorney gloria allred says at noon she will show this evidenc a social security letterrom 2003 stating there were discrepancies with the paperwork provided by meg whitman's form housekeeper nikki dion. it's unliky it sent a warning letter like that unless an employer had hired ten people with mismatched social security numbers. the whitman believes allred is in cahoots with jerry brown. >> no one from jerry brown' campaign have contacted me. i haven't contacted them. as far as my client goes, nikki doesn't know anybody in politics. >> whitman has already provided proof when she hired her through an employment agency the housekeeper supplied a social security card and a driver's license. >> we told the employment agency we ha
las condiciones en carreteras seguramente mejor que esto. gloria. >>> sí, fíjate que clos sufren esta mañan son los conductores en vallejo aquí un kcamión de carga tiró parte de su carga en carriles, esto es sobre la carretera 37 antes de llegar a la 29, por repito este accidente donde volcó este vehículo en vallejo aquí nos vamos hacia la ciudad de pittsburgh aquí el traf vuelta de rooueda carreter4 ahí ve usted. esta es la cámara del árbolito, lo que pasa que luis se quejaba y voltearon la cámara en dirección contraria te hicieron caso. ahí está el tráfico circulando muy bien, temperaturas muy pantalla hoy, agradables alcanzan lo 84° en san josñ, 72 san francisco temperaturas menos calidads que ayer. . >>> así es, gracias gloria, 7: 09 qu bueno que está con nosotros hoy, porque tambié tenemos mucho que informar a udi rem usted, iremos a méxic regresamos enseguida no se vaya ♪no es bastante lo que cumió♪ ♪donde sea que va, por cualquier lugar♪ si solo la oportunidad alguien pudiera dar ♪al adar, todo puede cambiar es tan facil♪ ♪al adar, todo pued
diario el universal, te esperamos el próximo miércole a quien no tenemos que esperar a gloria que nos tiene todos los detalles se recibe en general con buena vista el carril que se abre en la 680. >>> así es, este nuevo carril ya sabes que para útilzarlo deben ir dos o tres personas para que puedan ir gratis se ha abierto un carril las persona que gusten usar este carril y sólo vaya una persona debe pagar un peaje, este varía según transcurra el tráfico, si el va más rápido cobran más y si va más lento cobran menos. >>> tienen que comprar su pase especial e electrónico no se puede ingresar a cualquiera altura porque hay líneas dobles blancas, puede tomarse al principio.... >>> tenemos algunas selenas yo le voy a decir cuales son las entradas, hay restricciones más adelante todos los detalles y más del clima más adelante sólo les adelanto que las lluvias se alejan de la bahía. >>> lluvias que no wle goorn aquí pero en lo que se re fee ár fee re a igor están los casas serias por allá regresamos con esto y un analista que nos habla del narcotráfico en mexicano cambi
estados unidos, gloria adelante. >>> gracias selena, buenos días, al salir de casa le digo cómo estará el clima hoy, pero antes las carreteras tranquila l 101 dirección norte y sur para llegar a san josñ o san francisco no se reportan ak denso pasamos el puente bay bridge, ya hay trafico, para wle gr a la k seda seda. el tráfico lento a esta hora de la maana, nos llega un reporte de hércule tráfico pesado, área de construcción por lo menos el laberinto maquimc arthur ahí están las temperaturas para hoy, las tiene usted en pantalla, elevado en san josñ, un saludo para quienes nos ven en gil stv día totalmente soleado del que para el sábado se esperan hasta 90° y hasta los cien grado. >>> insisto que es el verano indio y fíjate que está raro porque la semana pasada teníamos algo de lluvia ahora vamos a tener hasta el lunes días bastantes soleados con temperatura hasta los cien grado. son las 7 con 9. en venezuela se preparan para los comicios cierran la k pavrn de una lecciones que podría cambiar el número. en colombia, de lo que se habla de la muerte del jefe militar de
, national political correspondent jessica yellin and our senior political analyst gloria borger. let's begin with the president. because i want our viewers to hear a little bit more of the president. he was in ohio foopd he was very personal. calling out john boehner, the house republican leader, by name. he also made it personal to him. he recalled he was in ohio in the final days of his big election win in 2008. the president urging voters, if you were with me then, stay with me now. >> a lot has changed since i came here in those final days of the last election. but what hasn't changed is the choice facing this country. it's still fear versus hope. the past versus the future. it's still a choice between sliding backward and moving forward. that's what this election's about. that's the choice that you will face in november. >> the president says that's the choice you will face in november. but can he make this? can he make this the choice voters face in 2008? they are in a very, very different mood as we've found out the last few days on the road. >> this is the framing they've wanted to h
as a made. gloria alred said she will prove that she knew. >> reporter: throughout her employment, mickey was undocunted and she alleges meg whitman was aware and may have understood that she was vulnerable. meg whitman told her that she announced her campaign for governor. it was at this point that she decided she would speak for meg whitman for help to legalize her status. when she asked for help, she was terminated. >> meg, please can you help me. she was very upset and said no. i have never see you. and you have never seen me. understand me. i realize at that moment she didn't appreciate my work. so she throw me away. >> she said i need to talk to you about something and she came over to our house and i said i have to tell you i am not here legally. >> we said we are going to have to let you go. that's our obligation as an employer. shnever came back to work. all the documentation that we said said she was legal. she had a 1099, stix social security card. no one could have been more stunned than i was. it's a shame. she is being manipulated, gloria alred knows what she is doing. i kno
, and this library -- what better place to celebrate the announcement are new:gloria? with me, gavin newsom, who will do the honors. >> it was an extraordinary commitment the public made when it passed not one bond, but two bombs. what a contrast is to be in san francisco in spite of this huge budget challenge where we are actually expanding our hours of the last 12 months, of expanding them on the evenings and on sundays and investing in unprecedented amounts of capital and improving the physical conditions of the library. we're proud of that, and it is important to reflect on that. i do not know of another city that can lay claim, so i am proud to be here and thankfully to the time to be here and it is an honor for me. it is the second time to appoint a poet laureate to our city, and this is going back to the previous administration, when lawrence ferlinghetti took the baton. he has now passed it on, officially, from jack kirsch men to diane as our fifth poet laureate. you would have thought that it must have gone on longer. but i am proud of it. as was jack, and i do not see him here, of his
, no sabe uno que ponerse, tendríamos temperaturas 10 grados más altas que ayer, vamos con gloria >>> váyense rapidito al trabajo y sin abrigo, las temperaturas están llegando casi a los 70 en san josñ, vemos las temperaturas en pantalla, temperaturas de hasta 90 grados en san francisco, imagínate, aunque el pronóstico del tiempo dice 87 se eleva unos 5 grados más de lo normal >>> ideal, no me regreso a san josñ, tendremos días agradables, lo interesante es que las temperaturas vuelven a bajar el fin de semana, gloria les tendrá los detalles >>> en chile continúa la atención sobre los mineros atrapados, dueños de minas piden perdón >>> en mñxico se habla respecto a la masacre de los 72 inmigrantes muertos, se está haciendo presión internacional, al parecer un cartel de la droga quería que trabajaran para ellos y al negarse mataron a estas personas >>> en chile dueños de mina piden perdón a familias de mineros atrapados, comparecieron ante una comisión del congreso chileno, ellos se disculparon por lo que está pasando con los 33 mineros, se está trabajando en
conductores celebrando o todavía no gloria? >>> todo el mundo trabajó hoy porque hay bastante tráfico, esta semana ahí ayer y hoy por lo menos el tráfico está completamente detenido desde las, desde por lo menos el laberinto mcarthur hasta el oeste de la 4 mantiene bloqueado el carril. las temperaturas de hoy no muy buenas 75 grados en la ciudad de san josñ, solamente 64 en rich monto en san francisco y algo de neblina para cruzar el puente de. (nombre en inglés llegando a la ciudad de san francisco. y bueno quiero saludarcelina también mis paisanos salvadoreos porque celebran la irn independencia y no trabajan allá. >>> el salvador y otros países latinoamericanos que felicitamos sinceramente no le cambie regresamos con más información pudo. samuel más tlaents adelante sami no está con nosotros, y así mismo le tenemos un esfuerzo especial para votar por nuestros niños, le diremos de qué se trata en este 15 de septiemb. ( ♪ música) tenemos un esfuerzo para votar por nuestros niños, le diremos e qué se trata en este 15 de septiembre. ( ♪ música) >>> 7 de la mañana c
with you. and gloria went out and asked a pretty simple message. do the democrats have a consistent economic bent? listen to this. >> in a word, no. no, they don't. sorry. that's the way i feel about it. i don't think they've had a clear message yet. >> i think it's a little muddled. i'm not really hearing from them exactly what they want to do. i think they know. but i think that it's being so cautious not to offend anybody. >>> gloria, when you talk to voters like that, do they blame the president, washington, everybody? >> these are democrats. these are people who identify themselves as sort of loyal democrats. i think they blame washington. and i think, you know, i have to ask the governor, does this kind of anti washington sentiment, anti-obama really sentiment affect you, because you're a democrat? how much does that hurt you here? >> listen, i think the people in ohio and across america are upset with all of us, washington, wall street, local leaders, certainly with me. we need to acknowledge that. and i understand why. they are angry. i'm angry and i'm angry over some of the
brown's hands or gloria allred's hands. we never saw that letter. as i understand the process normally if that was to happen they would have sent a letter first to the employee, then two weeks later to the employer. i think there is a question whether employers with less than ten employees actually got such a letter. megyn: a few weeks advance of the election is going against gloria allred. whitman says she didn't know the made was illegal until the made came to me a couple of weeks ago and said i'm illegal, help me be legal. she is saying she exploited her at $23 an hour. we'll have more on "kelly's court," stay tuned. i'm rejoined my meghan mccain. >> i think that whole thing is absurd, i watched a press conference yesterday. i cannot believe how that woman is crying. i know meg whitman, it's a total smear campaign. they are trying to ruin her, it's ridiculous and gloria allred should be ashamed of herself. megyn: there you go. i want to talk about the book a little bit. i think you're known for this how much you hate being called a rhino, a republican in name only. >> i do. megyn: a
este gloria, gloria me dijo que me pusiera esta corbata por el día de hoy pero la corbata fue dedicada por mi querida y compañer celina rodríguez ella me la regaló. >> para el cumpleaños. >> excelente, gracias te ves bonito. >> regulación de país rucos en desarrollo han llegado a un acuerdo el fin de semana y para red ir riesgos de crisis financieras, y un cambio importante es el aumento de cantidad en banco obligado a mantener un capital de arriesgar para ten ayer estos logros que se lograron en la ciudad suiza ten drab que ser aprobado en el g 20 en corea el sur. >> y con temo de aspecto financiero tenemos a fernando que tiene la segunda parte de banco rrota qu hacer que una vez que hasta mi tomada la decisión de irnos en banca rota. >> qué ta buenos días celina y como hemos dicho la semana pasada en la primera parte de este segmento especial sobre banca banco roto es el último paso financiero es la última alternativa financiera cuando están puertas cerradas y precisamente por eso por que es el último la ley que fue redactada por el congreso exige que toda las personas i
, c'mon. >> bon jovi. >>> all right, listen, the singer turned acrobat. >> what prompted gloria estefan to jump out of a window during the miami dolphins game? >>> getting into the holiday spirit, the search is on for the perfect christmas tree to decorate the most famous house in the united states. i thought it was crazy feeding in the fall. i always feed in the fall. but, it's the best time. feed your lawn in the fall. the fall feeding makes all the difference in the world. what the fall feeding does is build the roots.. that's when the roots sorta want nutrition. i give my lawn scotts winterguard. it's like a root building machine. it builds your lawn from the roots up. next year you get this! the stronger the roots, the stronger the lawn. all year long. the best time to feed is when it will do the most good. there's no substitute for the fall feeding, trust me. it is the best thing you can do for your lawn. i use scotts winterguard. >>> it's 5:27. rays pitcher david price shutting out the orioles for eight innings. julio lugo doesn't like that call. he bounces his helmet. jo
was 83 years old. >>> and gloria stuart has died at the age of 100. she was best known to movie audiences for her comeback role in "titanic" for which she received an academy award nomination for her portrayal of a 101-year-old survivor. stuart didn't like film acting, though she starred in 50 of them. she preferred the stage and she preferred painting. she was born in 1910 as a third generation californian. her mother was related to jessie james. gloria francis stuart died at home in los angeles. >>> we're back in a moment with the young woman who rolled a verbal hand grenade into a big gathering of teachers. >>> back as promised. one final word on this gathering we're proud of here in new york this week, a gathering that has set the agenda in education today. covering it all, our education correspondent rehema ellis. rehema, we put together this teacher town hall yesterday, and i want to show on the air young teacher rose up during a lightning round of comments from the audience, and said this. >> i think we don't understand tenure. i don't see a need for it. i don't need a piece of pap
found. >> cell phone crackdowns. why the law is already in place. >> gloria estefan's climb out of a window. >> there are too many deer roaming around or the va. >>> a showdown over a certain kind of population control in fairfax county. >> they planned to use bow hunters to bring down the deer population. >> it is not at all unusual to see deer here. is so common fairfax county says something has to be done. signs warn drivers to be on the lookout as communities have sprung up around with portions of fairfax county, so have the number of deer collisions. >> in the past year i have had a deer fly in front of my car. >> i have only hit one but i have seen six on this street that have been hit. >> the deer population has grown to more than 100 per square mile. >> you tend to get decree's visitation -- decrease vegetation. >> conservationists survey at 6000 residents and many find hunting should be allowed at many parks. >>> they are dear, they are not hurting anybody. >> you can be over populated and it can be dangerous. >> bow hunters will use air rose to kill deer. a strategy th
says not true. >> meg whitman and gloria allred are offering different versions of the story. right now the only thing they can agree on. after working for the whitmans for a decade, she was fired in june of 2009 because she's an illegal immigrant. >> she treat me as if i was not a human being. >> reporter: san tone claims that meg whitman was aware of her status as an illegal immigrant and fired her when she asked for help getting citizenship. >> she say, i cannot help you. and don't say anything to my children. i will tell them you already have a new job and that you want to go to school. and from now on, you don't know me and i don't know you. >> meg whitman, who was speaking to a group of workers at cisco claims she falsified her employment records and being manipulated by her attorney, gloria allred. >> she was a friend of our family for nine years. in many ways a member of our extended family. i feel badly for her. she's being manipulated, i think, and i'm sorry about that. >> whitman's campaign supplied us with copies of documents they received when they hired her in 2000. includ
's the nicest woman and did a great job press and everything that's gloria allred is saying is a lie. she called me and 70 talked about something she came over on a saturday to warehouse and he said, if you're a terrible but i have to tell you that i'm not here legally. my husband and i were there we were stunned to, just amazed and we said we're going have to let you go. that's our legal obligation as an employer were going have to let should go. so she never came back to work after the saturday. all the documentation that we had said she was legal and she had a 1099 on file with the employment agency, driver's license and a social security card in a reasonably sure is not legal. no one could of been worse than that i was when she came to us on that saturday in june and said i'm not here legally it's a shame she's been manipulated gloria allred knows exactly what she's doing and i feel terrible for nike. i know the key while and if she's listening right now where i am so sorry, i bet you're feeling really badly and it's a shame it's really, really a shame. >> you can hear whitman so comments in
o'malley gets help in his spot from a prominent democrat. >>> gloria estefan is showing off her climbing skills. the actress on the move. we have that story just ahead. wearing shirts ♪ ♪ which caused a trend alert ♪ and evyone ♪ saw everybody ♪ tell'em al ♪ tell'em something, where to go and what it's all about ♪ ♪ tell them hoeeen ty out ♪ ad everyone ♪ tell everybody else old gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. >>> all right, this is your news to go. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. >> the woman who gave us "the rhythm is going to get you" got out. >> she was locked out of her miami dolphins sky box, she climbed out the window. we'll tell you more about this story. >> we are looking at c
program including citi's global programs on women's leadership. joining me gloria allred and her client. thank you both for being here this will evening. gloria, i will begin with you. how do you think this will affect your lawsuit against citibank? >> if there is true and they haven't said that they didn't have any one from hr distribute it, they just said it is not part of a formal communication i would argue it is evidence of sex discrimination. all women are not alike. secondly, it encourages negative stereo types and generalizations about women and criticizes women for playing fair and says that men stretch the rules and are not punished. is citibank stretching the rules where it comes to discrimination? it is just wrong to disseminate this at all and particularly if it was disseminated in the workplace by one from hr. >> kimberly: i'm sure when this came out they said oh, boy, wait 'til gloria gets a load of this memo. really, could anything worse happen to them? and if this is true and it appears that it is, like you said, they didn't deny that it exists, et cetera, i think this
. >> una vieja gloria de la lucha libre que cae en prision , pero su hermano le pide que le entrene para así ganar la pelea. >> sam interpreta a un profesor para entrenar al equipo . >> resident evil. >> un mundo desalado con zombies en vida . >> nuevas pistas con un paraiso lejos de muertos vivientes. >> el museo submarino de cancun . >> la exibicion estara en cancun . >> antes de despedirnos no pdien las autoridades que informemos que mañana podran acceder a sus casa.
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